Novi Pazar, 9 March 2017

New Agricultural Machinery Delivered to Agricultural Associations in Novi Pazar

As of today, farmers rallied in 17 Novi Pazar associations, members of the Inter-Municipal Union of Agricultural Associations, will be able to use the new agricuktural machinery for the production of cattle fodder, purchased with the financial support of the European Union (EU) and the Swiss Government through the European PROGRES development programme. The new equipment, for which the donors allocated 36,000 Euros, was today delivered to the Novi Pazar agricultural associations, members of the Inter-Municipal Union of Agricultural Associations, which co-funded the project with 9,300 Euros. Equipment will over the next few days be delivered to 20 associations in Sjenica and Tutin, which are also members of the Inter-Muncipal Union.

“The 90 new tractor attachments will help us improve the quality and speed of preparing cattle fodder, because we will be able to mow more land five times faster with the hay mowers. The new machinery will also improve our preparation of the land for sowing,” said Ismet Sajtarić, the Director of the Inter-Municipal Union of Agricultural Associations, rallying 37 agricultural associations (i.e. a total of 334 farms) in Novi Pazar, Sjenica and Tutin.

Sajtarić highlighted that this project notably encouraged cooperation among the farmers, who would be using the new machinery together and under the same terms and were expected to increase their milk and meat production by 30% already this season.

“The major potential of agriculture in Serbia will be used only if farmers continuously invest in the application of new knowledge and technologies. In this way, the EU and the Swiss Government are providing them with the opportunity to implement their ideas and improve their production in concert, through cooperatives and associations,” said European PROGRES Programme Manager Graeme Tyndall when the Union was granted funding for purchasing the equipment.

“Agriculture is one of the priorities in our region and now, with their new equipment, the farmers are well set to start the new agricultural season,” said Deputy Speaker of the Novi Pazar City Assembly Nihad Hasanović.

The European Union and the Swiss Government allocated a total of 208,000 Euros for the improvement of agricultural production, notably for the implementation of projects of five agricultural associations and two agricultural cooperatives in South-East and South-West Serbia, selected during the second stage of the Call for Proposals to support agricultural production groups.  Thirty-two cooperatives and associations had taken part in the first stage, during which they had the opportunity to acquire and improve their knowledge of cooperative and association management, financing and marketing, to exchange experiences with farmers in France and familiarise themselves with the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance in Rural Development – IPARD.