Doljevac, 17 February 2017

EU and Switzerland Funding Construction of Market Centre in Doljevac

The first stage of the construction of the Pukovac market centre, which will contribute to improving and modernising the work of the existing green market, was launched in the Doljevac suburb Pukovac today. After the reconstruction and covering of the 2,000m2 green market is completed, it will have the capacity of 180 stalls. Fifty open and 40 closed stalls, at which fruit, vegetables and mixed goods will be sold, will be ready for use upon the completion of the first stage of the project.

Thanks to this project, for which the EU and Swiss Government allocated 181,400 Euros via the European PROGRES Programme and the Doljevac local government set aside 20,400 Euros, farmers in Doljevac and the nearby municipalities will be able to market and sell their produce in better conditions and generate more income. The consequent economic empowerment of agricultural holdings, over 3,800 of them in the Doljevac municipality, will contribute to increasing the competitiveness of the local economy based on agricultural production. 

“This will be one of the most modern green markets in southern Serbia and farmers in this area will enjoy even better working conditions,” said Doljevac Mayor Dejan Smiljković, who took the opportunity to thank the EU and the Swiss Government for supporting a number of projects in the municipality.

The regulations on the work of the green market shall be taken into account during and after the implementation of the project, which will contribute to compliance with the good governance principle. The municipal institutions will enact the Rulebook on the work of the green market public utility company, the setting of prices, the allocation and rent of stalls, and the use of collected funds.

The first stage of construction is to be completed in three months. The work is conducted by construction companies selected at a tender called by the Doljevac municipality: EUROKOP Vinarce, as the lead contractor, and Krang-ING Knjaževac and Kran-Inženjering DOO Knjaževac. The completion of the modernisation work will increase the capacity of both the green market and the local farmers. The number of users at the green market is expected to grow from the current 1,000 to 6,000 after the completion of the second stage of the project, during which shops are to be built around the green market.