Communicating effects of Serbia’s European accession

Communications activities are an essential element of the Programme’s overall efforts to support and promote all European PROGRES’ activities. Our approach is threefold. Primarily we want people in the South East and South West Serbia to know the reasons for actions, results and impact of the Programme. Secondly, we want to clarify the role of the beneficiaries and how they can contribute to the on-going reforms as well as how will eventual European integration affect their life. Finally, we will concentrate on building stronger link between European PROGRES and the municipalities.

The Programme, together with the partners, will initiate two long term campaigns promoting European values with an ultimate aim to inform, educate, motivate, inspire and eventually achieve positive social change amongst the people of the South East and South West Serbia. We want our audiences to get engaged in those issues that influence their lives, to understand how the reforms provide opportunities for improvement and most importantly how they can contribute.

Communication efforts will also be focussed on demystifying the cycle of positive change. The Programme’s beneficiaries should understand how the combination of the development support in their municipalities and the efforts they have themselves invested through active involvement, bring about sustainable, positive social change.